The school has well trained Scout Masters, Guides Captains to guide one Scout Troop and one Guide troop. The cub pack and Bulbuls are trained by the Cub Masters and Flock Leaders. Innumerable games and skills learnt through these activities go long way in strengthening the body and mind to be Prepared’

Name of the Scout Master:-

1 Mr B P Vimal

2 Mr Manish kr Gupta

3 Mr Purkha Ram

4 Mr T Majhi

5 Mr L Ram

5 MR Kamal Sadaliya

6 Mr L Jeria


Name of the Cub Master:-

1.     Mr L Ram

2.     Mr L Jerai

Name of the Guide Captain:-

1.     Mrs Kumari Usha

2.     Miss N Barwa

3.     Miss savitri Kumari

4.     Miss Nity Biruli

5.     Miss Edda

Name of the Flock Leader:-

Mrs M Tigga

Number of students in Scouts,Guide,Cubs&Bulbul:-

Total number  of  students in Scouts  =56

Total number of students in Guide     =20

Total number of students in  Cubs      =28

Total number of students in Bulbul    =34


Total--                                138

Name of the students participated in” Tritya Sopan Testing Camp” held at KV Hazaribag from 20.08.10 to 20.09.10.

Name of scouts

1 Sunil kr  Bharti

2 Shraban kr Sinku

3 Abhijeet  Sahani

4 Deepak  Prasad

5 Akash  kiran

6 Rabinder  Mukhi

7 Pankaj  Prasad

8 Abhishek  Rajak

Name of Guide

1 Suman Violet  Soy

2 Anjali  Kumari

3 Surekha  Mahato